Christmas Card Minis – A Giveaway Game

If you’re reading this post, it’s either because you’re playing the game in hopes of winning a Christmas Card Mini…OR, you’ve been lured here to cast a vote.

And, since I have a soft spot for friends who get suckered into playing along – you’re in for a treat.

These images were chosen by previous clients – I simply asked everyone to pick an image they love (it doesn’t matter how old or new).

Guess what – if you’re casting a vote, YOU might win a mini session yourself whether you have an image in the lineup or not. 🙂 How, you say? Here’s the scoop, deets and sundry info:

  • Pick 3 images and list the image numbers in a comment below this blog post
  • List your images in this order:
    • Most emotional
    • “It just plain speaks to me”
    • Overall fave
  • Do not repeat image numbers, do not pick more than one of your own images
  • Share this blog post on fb so your friends can play (make sure you click the blog title to see the full post and sharing buttons!)


On Monday morning, I’ll be sharing the results for the winner of each of the 3 categories. One of them will be a random winner.

Here’s the kicker – I’m giving away 2! Everyone who voted for the random winner will also be entered into a drawing for a second Christmas Card Mini giveaway. BAM. 🙂 Fun right?

Mini Session Dates: 11/13, 11/19-20 (so you can mark your calendars)

On Monday, I will also release the full pricing and structure. This event will be BEYOND gorgeous, will take place in Pike County AND Columbia, and it will be under 75 bucks – just like back in the day. Because this is a throwback event, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive of the journey.

Have fun!



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